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Exciting day at Research Narrative! We have officially joined the NETA Knowledge Network, a network of vetted consulting agencies offering services such as professional development, strategic planning, leadership coaching, and in our case audience research and impact evaluation. (See our President’s remarks on LinkedIn)

NETA Knowledge Network partners have been vetted by NETA (and we can affirm that they vetted us several times!), are experienced working with public media organizations and professionals, and offer NETA members a discount on services.

So, calling all NETA members: are you interested in strategic planning, audience research, and/or program evaluation? Connect with us!

Myth Busting at IA Conference 2024

Special thanks to the Insights Association for entrusting their “Small Business, Big Ideas” 2024 conference track to Research Narrative President, Kerry Edelstein and two fellow industry leaders: Cynthia Harris (MBA), and Tim Hoskins (President, Quester). Together, they explored value drivers, collaboration best practices, activation strategies, and how to avoid perpetuating myths that can compromise value. Wrap all that together, and what do you get? “Busting Myths to Boost Value.”

SampleCon 2024: from STEM to STEAM

Thoughts after attending SampleCon 2024? Sustainability of the research industry will require much more creative thinking, less STEM and more STEAM (A=art), getting better at communicating, improving transparency, and taking ownership of real research expertise. Inspired afterward, Research Narrative founder Kerry Edelstein expanded these and other thoughts in her original article, “From STEM to STEAM: Putting Art, Creativity, and Communication Back in Market Research.” Click to read this article on LinkedIn

Interviewing Joetta Gobell of DotDash Meredith, CRC 2023

The theme for Corporate Researchers Con ‘23 was “Driving Growth in Turbulent Times.” This year, we had the pleasure of interviewing Joetta Gobell, a strategy executive who’s managed to do just that for the insights team at Dotdash Meredith – through a pandemic, through a merger, through the current economic climate and its impact on the ad market! In our session “Mergers Not Madness: Navigating Insights Through Changing Circumstances,” Research Narrative President, Kerry Edelstein explored Joetta Gobell’s awesome journey and how she navigated those curveballs brilliantly, with both optimism and resilience.

Our Data-Storytelling XDay panel with
Google & MGM

Research Narrative, Google, and MGM welcome you to attend our upcoming panel at QuestionPro Xday 2022 (tickets here). This year’s conference centers around the question, “Do we have a clear vision for our customers, employees and insights going into 2023?”

Kerry Edelstein and other senior panel members will approach that question from a data-storytelling (IE, “Research Narrative!”) perspective. Don’t miss our session: Linear, Lucky or Lies: the stories we tell with data.

Kerry and MIC to present at ESOMAR in Toronto!

Don’t miss Kerry Edelstein and colleagues Michaela Mora and Damion Taylor at the 2022 75th Anniversary ESOMAR Congress in Toronto (Sept. 18-21)!

Presenting recent, original research conducted by The Multicultural Insights Collective, this trio will (in Michaela’s words): “Address questions such as: Who are the skeptics/naysayers discussing DEI and racial justice? How do companies mitigate resistance to DEI and racial justice? [And] what can we do as researchers to address this resistance?”

If you plan to attend the 2022 ESOMAR Congress, don’t miss our presentation! Click here to learn more, register, and attend.

Busting Myths about "Navigating Change"

Kerry Edelstein took the stage this week at the Public Radio (PRPD) 2022 Content Conference and had the privilege of presenting on one of our favorite topics: navigating change! Change in ethos, content, audience, strategy, leadership, and more. What a trendy and dynamic venue to showcase some of our recent, original research – and to “bust” some myths that can curtail successful change in organizations. Big thanks for inviting us, PRPD!

Are you working on a change in your organization? A rebrand? A move toward multiplatform? A shift toward hybrid or remote work? A new product launch? If so, you might be interested in our research + strategic planning service package. Contact Kerry Edelstein for more details at

Video Didn't Kill the Radio Star!

A big thanks to Greater Public for inviting us to present in the final session of this year’s PMDMC conference (now back in person)! A gorgeous venue, packed with such enthusiastic, smart, friendly, and thoughtful attendees. What an event! Thanks for helping make our presentation such a splash: “Video Didn’t Kill the Radio Star: The Next Generation of Marketing and Fundraising.”

Lakeside Team Retreat, 2022!

Celebrating (but sadly ending) a fantastic week of goal setting, strategizing, product developing, and yes…paddle boarding. For a remote and bicoastal team, like ours, the opportunity to spend such lavish and quality time together is pure gold. Here’s to the dynamic and successful year ahead! Lake Norman, we thank you. (Our dockside photo shoot):

Congratulations to
2022 IPC Laureate,
Kerry Edelstein!

Our own, Kerry Edelstein was recently nominated by industry peers and selected by the Insights Association’s IPC Committee to receive this certification – a lifetime recognition of distinction in the field of consumer insights!

It’s reserved for outstanding members of the insights community, with distinguished careers, marked by meaningful contributions that have advanced the profession. From the whole team here at Research Narrative, “Well-deserved and congratulations, Kerry!”

10 Years of Steady Growth!

Research Narrative turns 10 today! So, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite milestones from our first decade. Check out: THROUGH THE YEARS: The Timeline of Research Narrative Milestones.

We've co-launched
Voices of Equity!

Research Narrative is pleased to be collaborating with the Multicultural Insights Collective to present Voices of Equity, a research and professional development initiative to address racial justice and anti-discrimination in business. 

In a world rife with tension, how do we even start to have meaningful and productive conversations about race, discrimination, diversity, and equity? How can brands overcome conversational paralysis to develop thoughtful, informed communication strategies related to racial justice?

Visit for more information.

Going international (from the comfort of home)...

The TÜAD has invited Kerry Edelstein to speak at the #PowerofPurpose, 24th Research Summit (April 7-8). Two days, nine countries presenting. And in the spirit of the event, Kerry will speak on what it takes to lead a PURPOSE-driven team and business.

Don’t miss her in the final session: April 8th, 9:40-10am EST. And make sure you claim your ESOMAR discount at registration! Special thanks to TUAD Turkish Researchers Association. Click the link for all details:

Kerry's speaking about Data Privacy

How do you measure “why” people make decisions? That’s the inspiration behind IA’s upcoming #Yconference. This year we’ll be discussing a growingly critical topic for researchers and clients alike: Data Privacy. Is the online qual boom fueling new or overlooked privacy issues? To what extent are qualitative research participants becoming more concerned about video recording, web tracking, and online anonymity? How might that affect research outcomes? How do you prepare for it? And how is new privacy legislation impacting recruits, qual tools, data management, all of it?

Don’t miss Kerry and other experts at Y-Con. Tuesday, March 9th (2-2:30p EST). Free for corporate researchers and Insights Association supplier/provider members! Register now:

Tune into the PULSE conference!

Research Narrative founder Kerry Edelstein will be moderating a discussion session about DEI and representation in media, this Friday with #micollective members Damion TaylorMichaela Mora, IPC, UXMC, and Candace Hokett. Thanks to Jay Tucker for inviting us to join the Pulse Conference, and for your persistent commitment to this important topic.

What would you like to see improved in media and business, with regard to diversity, inclusion, representation, and equity?

Remote and ready to party!

Happy Holidays from Research Narrative!

Catch up with the Voices of Equity founders!

Did you catch our (pre-Thanksgiving) VoicesofEquity research presentation? Good news, you can watch it right here! Featuring Kerry Edelstein, Candace Hokett and the whole #MICollective team. Check it out!

Welcoming Candace Hokett to the team!

Research Narrative is proud to announce this exciting new addition to our team! Candace Hokett is an insightful market research and brand management professional based in New York City. She has a successful history serving digital media, retail, lifestyle, and entertainment organizations (all great fits for us!) through custom research and insights-driven marketing, editorial, experience, and design strategy. You might have seen her on-panel recently at the Qual360 North America conference, and she doubles (no joke) as a professional celebrity stylist and custom suit designer! We’re thrilled to welcome her as the newest member of our talented, eclectic team. (see Candace’s full bio here)

"United States of Video" (new study)

Very excited to announce our latest initiative, “United States of Video.” Conducted in collaboration with Collaborata, this multi-stage study will dive into the impact of different types of video on purchase decisions, and highlight how consumers are using video in a pre vs. post COVID-19 environment. Want to participate? Reach us at or click here for more info.

Update re: COVID-19

Over the past month, we have been monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic closely and preparing for necessary changes to business operations. Research Narrative is fortunate to have an office space that supports social distancing, established work-from-home capabilities, and security measures. Thus, we remain fully operational and have experienced no disruptions to our business. To protect the safety of our employees and other colleagues, we’ve implemented the following additional precautions: …click here to read more.

"Doubling Down" on Data Privacy (in Vegas)

Another successful presentation of our original research on data privacy! Kerry Edelstein, along with partners at InnovateMR and Visible wireless (also a client), recently took the stage at the Insights Association 2020 “Double Down on Insights” conference at the Park MGM in Las Vegas. 

Keep Qual Human!

Team member and qualitative researcher John Olson just wrapped an insightful week at QRCA’s annual conference. This year’s ambitious theme, Keep Qual Human: “A call to action to explore how we navigate the rapidly-changing world of qualitative research.”

We're going back to CES!


Research Narrative President & Founder Kerry Edelstein will be speaking at CES on January 9, 2020 on the topic of data privacy and innovation. Click here to register for this free panel and networking event. 

The Next Innovation: Radical Transparency?

Research Narrative recently partnered with InnovateMR to conduct a groundbreaking in-depth study on Americans’ views of data privacy and the future of the business of data.

Click here for more information!

It's a podcast kind of day!

Kerry’s at IIEX, enjoying the conference and chatting with the Happy Market Research Podcast’s  Jamin Brazil about storytelling, innovation, and the power of podcasts! Look out for her appearance on an upcoming episode. And while we’re at it, Research Narrative is proud to announce the launch of our own podcast, The THINKerry. Our first episode focuses on achieving a balance between data transparency and creating a data firehose. Check it out here.

Kerry talks business

Entrepreneur? Looking to get information about scaling your business without the fluff? Research Narrative’s own fearless leader Kerry Edelstein is one of the speakers at CEO-U, an event that promises to give you one-on-one, practical advice with people who can tell you about the realities of starting, scaling, and managing a company. Register now for the session on Sunday, December 9th at the Marina Del Ray Hotel in (possibly) Sunny Los Angeles!

Research Narrative has Moved!
Check out our new digs! We’re still in Culver City, but now we’ve got both parking and windows!


We're Certified!

Research Narrative is proud to be a small business owned and lead by a woman, and now we’ve got the paperwork to prove it. We’ve been certified for both WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise) and WOSB (Women Owned Small Business) status, which will allow us to work with industry and government partners that are are actively promoting diversity. If you’ve got a grant or project earmarked for WBE certification, drop us a line!

Kerry's Speaking at a Metalcasting Conference

On April 4th, 2018, Kerry’s going to be speaking about research storytelling at the American Foundry Society annual Metalcasting Conference in Ft. Worth Texas. For more info about the event, check out the AFS’s press release about the event.

Movies, Fractals, and the Mind: New Academic Article Out

There’s a new academic article out in the journal Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications, and RN’s own Director of Data Science and Product Innovation (Jordan DeLong, Ph.D.) is an author! This article recaps a lot of work conducted in the lab of Prof. James Cutting at Cornell University. It addresses a number of ways to measure the physical structure/composition of a film, how those characteristics have changed/evolved over time, and how one particular manner in which films have changed might be a clue to understanding why movies are so good a capturing our attention. Hint: it has to do with fractals! The new article can be read (for free) here.

Research Narrative in Indiana

Here’s the chance for Midwesterners to attend an RN workshop.  On, March 20th, 2018, the Michiana (MICHigan+IndiANA) branch of the American Marketing Association is welcoming Kerry to give a workshop focused on “Adding Story to Your Brand.” The workshop will take place from 11:30-1:30 EST at the St. Joseph Conference center in South Bend. For more information about the event and to purchase tickets, visit the AMA Website. P.S. Just added – you can update that old LinkedIn Photo for free before Kerry’s talk for free. The professional photographer starts at 11:30!

Storytelling Workshop? RN's There

  Kerry and Sean Monahan (from Westside Corporate Creativity) teamed up to lead the first day of a two day ESOMAR Storytelling Bootcamp! Team members Jordan McLoughlin and Jordan DeLong were also in attendance, participating alongside the international group of client and supplier side research folks! Thanks to ESOMAR for putting on a great event, complete with endless coffee, a taco bar, and not one, but two receptions with drinks. Kerry and Sean were also part of an panel title “Transforming Function into Aspiration” co-sponsered by WIRe(Women In Research), talking about their wealth of experiences and taking questions from the crowd.

Kerry at UCLA. Go Bruins!

Who’s that guest lecturing in Comm 160? It’s UCLA-Anderson Alum Kerry Edelstein, teaching Gen Z about political ad testing and a bit about confirmation bias.

It Can't All Be Work!

We work hard here at Research Narrative, but it’s important to take time to appreciate the awesome things in life. One of these things is watching RN Senior Research Analyst Jordan McLoughlin doing his thing in Hanoi.

Anyone Want an MBA?

RN had a great time in Las Vegas (you can read about it here), and during the insanity Kerry took time to be on a panel put on by her MBA program – the UCLA Anderson School of Business. The panel was accurately titled “Successful Leadership: UCLA Anderson Alumni from Media, Tech, and Entrepreneurship Share Their Insights and Experiences”, and was moderated by Jay Tucker, the super cool Executive Director of the equally cool Center for Management of Enterprise in Media, Entertainment and Sports (MEMES). Thanks to UCLA Anderson for the panel, copious mini-sliders, and the chance to connect some UCLA alumni with interested students.