Sean Monahan

Sean’s a self-professed creativity geek who believes that the creative process is fundamental to human existence– there’s not a person alive who lacks creativity, they just lack practice. He is the General Manager & Creative Director of Westside Corporate Creativity, the corporate training and entertainment arm of M.i.’s Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica.

Sean is also a co-owner of M.i. Productions (parent company of the nationally renowned Mission iMPROVable and M.i.’s Westside Comedy Theater) and a Senior Instructor for Business Improvisations who travels the country leading workshops that deal specifically with the intersection of business and improvisation. Sean has taught programs for Duke Fuqua School of Business and UCLA Anderson School of Management, as well as various companies around the world.

He’s been improvising since 1995, having trained at IO Chicago, The Second City and the Annoyance, and can currently be seen performing weekly at M.i.’s Westside Comedy Theater.


+ Sean also has 19+ years of experience in experiential and sustainable marketing, creating programs for such companies as Kraft Foods, Nintendo, SCJohnson, United Airlines, BASF and the Seattle Mariners.

+ Past agency clients include DFCBX, Green Bear Group, 11 Communications Group, Matrex Exhibits and TBA Global.

+ He’s won numerous awards for his creative and strategic marketing programs, including Reggie Awards, Pro Awards, Ex Awards and a Yahoo! Big Idea Chair Award.

My Favorite Re Word:


The word react has gotten a bad rap, as it’s always placed in contrast to being “proactive.” The reality is that the only way we can ever make effective decisions is to allow ourselves to react to the current moment. Opportunity exists solely in our ability to react at the top of our intelligence.

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